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El Zopilote is a Permaculture Farm & Hostel located on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. We have already in place a fully productive organic garden, an observatory tower, a water filtering system based on constructed wetland, a yoga outdoor studio and we produce our own organic food. Since there is always plenty to do here we always have our arms open for volunteers and we have different opportunities as Volunteering, Receptionist, Pizza Night Manager, Organic Shop Manager, General Assistant, Yoga teacher.

Come to see how an organic tropical farm functions from day to day. .We always seek to innovate and by helping and contributing in ongoing and/or new projects, you will experientially learn numerous skills.


All volunteers are welcome. As a volunteer, you will learn the daily ins and outs of a tropical organic farm and acquire new skills working in the gardens, helping prepare some of the many natural products we sell in our shop, or lending an extra helping hand wherever it is needed. Volunteers has to pay the normal rent of the hostel and their food ( please check this website in ACCOMMODATIONS). Minimum commitment is not required and who is interested has just to show up at the reception of the farm and ask for volunteering.


We have different options listed below. Please read them carefully and if you interested read and fill up our ''FORM''

OPTION 1 - Pizza Night Manager (1 person)

Manage pizza nights at El Zopilote three nights a week, including receiving advance orders from guests and visitors, processing payment, and ensuring smooth delivery at the restaurant. This will only take a few hours of your day each time but will require that you be detail oriented, well organized and love working with people. 2 month minimum commitment required. Spanish and English speaker.

Option 2 - BuShop Manager (2 people)

Manage the main El Zopilote shop ( The BuShop ) in the town of Madronal. including selling and organizing the products. Located in a large, yellow school bus near one of the farm exits, the shop gets lots of new visitors, so you will also be spreading the word about our farm to potential guests as the first “face of El Zopilote” they see. Please be well organized and personable. . 2 month minimum commitment required. Languages: spanish and English

Option 3 - Yoga Teacher (1 person,sometimes 2 people)

Teach morning yoga classes to guests Monday through Friday. Style and length will be your choice, we just ask that you have previous teaching experience. Our yoga studio is located on a beautiful outdoor pavilion overlooking the garden and has a sound system for music, as needed. The rest is up to you! 2 month minimum commitment required. Extra teacher maybe needs for the weekend (Sat and Sun)Lanuages: spanish and English

Option 4 - Gardeners (2 people, sometimes 3)

Your primary responsibility will be to help manage and supervise all volunteer activity in El Zopilote’s main garden, JARDIN DEL MUNDO. Additional responsibilities may include assisting with the preparation and packaging of our natural homemade products, as well as daily errands at El Zopilote, as needed.Ideal candidate speaks Spanish and English and has previous experience working with tools (ie ax, machete, pick, shovel, etc.) preferably on a farm.Please apply one month in advance if interested, and include a photo along with relevant background information. 2 month minimum commitment required. Languages: Spanish and English

More options

We keep open more options for profesional workers that wants to work here in something where are expert: i usually need profesional Carpenters, Web designer and Mechanic sometimes. Minimum commitment: 2 months. Please send us a mail to explain your skills and your work.Thanks



  Is a Joke.No one is treated like a slave!!!



7am, meeting and explanation of the days tasks.


 Firewood for the oven


Making tomato sauce


 Pealing achote seeds and cocoa


Practicing with a machete.

Working the land  

Preparing organic products

Grind chocolate, coffee etc…/ General maintenance/ Drawing(of carrying rocks!)/ roasting coffee/ handicraft.


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